Our Services

With more than 20 years of experience as the nation’s only full-service remediation and facilities services firm, LVI continues to expand its service offerings to meet clients’ changing needs and to serve as a completely turnkey provider. While LVI started out primarily in the asbestos and lead abatement markets, today we offer complete services from abatement to mold remediation to complete demolition and cleanup of properties.

One of our largest growth areas is our emergency/disaster response business. When disaster strikes, we are often on site at our customers’ facilities within hours alongside emergency first responders. With our First Alert contracts, customers can prenegotiate rates and contracts to help ensure that their businesses are back online as quickly as possible. We’ve also invested in tools like sleeper units that allow us to staff and house our workers, safely and comfortably, while they are on site at customer locations even if no power or facilities are available.

LVI Services include: